Mac’s pushes the craft connection, Speight’s looks to the past

There’s been plenty of chat about craft beer recently, with the ‘craft beer you can actually drink’ campaign for Lion’s new Crafty Beggars range—and what some see as its duplicitous brand wank—ruffling a few feathers. Lion-owned Mac’s also sits in the ‘popular craft’ category and it’s also aiming to firm up its association with the term through its Craft Collective promotion. 

All 12-packs of Mac’s feature a code that can be redeemed for entries to win prizes like Theophany speakers (designed by Garth Murray), Crane Brothers suits, Kingswood Skis, the Dew hanging Chair (designed by John Deuchrass), Raglan Longboards, Dave Berry Guitars, a Jeffson bike, Coast outdoor furniture and a custom piece of art by Otis Frizzell. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KopYURL_CoShine’s James Blair says the campaign has been set up as an extended on-pack promo and while there is no above the line support other than elements that will fall out of PR, there is a large digital presence focusing around Facebook and driving viewership of the video clips that have been created around each of the crafty Kiwi companies involved. 

He says the clips, which were filmed by Augusto and voiced by Mikey Havoc, are a unique look into the process that goes into creating the handmade prizes on offer and give an insight into what it takes to make them, as well as the people behind them and their families. 





A smaller promotion later in the year will also be active through Brew Bars where a purchase of any Mac’s jug will provide a scratch card offering into the same draw.

“Fans of Mac’s will be well aware that every time they raise a glass
they toast the crafty nature of Kiwis,” says Mark Scown from Mac’s. “We’d now like to raise our glass back at
other crafty Kiwis, and celebrate ingenuity and originality across our country
by offering the very best that our nation of designers and artists produce
alongside our brews. This is a unique promotion and our lineup is only the tip of the New
Zealand design iceberg, so we’d like to think this is the beginning of
something more long term.”

Speight’s has also created a few online videos recently and, like Monteith’s and DB Export, it is also getting nostalgic, with its Great Yarns series talking up 140 years of brewing in New Zealand—and 140 years as part of the furniture in Otago. 


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2EcwO4-ENoLion brand marketing director Danny Philips told the NBR (the comments are worth a read) that “some brands need heritage more than others and this is a special story for those who love Speight’s, as people enjoy finding out more about brands that they love”.

“We’re got a great community of Speight’s fans and this was a longer story to tell,” he said. 

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