Love songs! Shower peeing! Stereotypes! Creepy fan! Visual journeying! Fun with hacking! Winning!

Youtube Video Want to create the perfect boy band love song? Here’s the secret formula.

Youtube Video The supposedly tawdry bathroom behaviour of some unnamed StopPress staff members has been vindicated. All this time we were actually saving the environment by peeing in the shower. Thanks advertising!

Youtube Video Aussie marketing consultancy Stepchange decided to tap the rich vein of industry stereotypes for its rather entertaining recruitment drive (Hat-tip Mumbrella).

Youtube Video Behold! The world’s creepiest cricket fan.

Youtube Video The only thing missing from Nikon’s ‘I am’ campaign is ‘I am Dunedin’.

Youtube Video How to hack your way to fame.

Youtube Video Charlie Sheen sings when he’s winning—in autotune.


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