Less stuff, less drama, less fakeness: Long White Vodka rails against societal expectations

TBWA is stripping everything right back as it launches Long White Vodka’s ‘Lovers of Less’ positioning.

The new creative campaign, originally launched online over Labour Weekend, features a protagonist performing a monologue railing against the expectations in her life and championing simplicity. 

“There are so many rules and expectations placed on our lives, boxes to tick, such as buying a house, getting married and having children,” says TBWA’s executive creative director Christy Peacock. “This video encourages people to relax a little, questioning what’s needed and what’s not.” 

Long White Vodka ‘Lovers of Less’ from somesites.co.nz on Vimeo.

In addition to appealing to the target audience of young women, the campaign also provides a nice tie-in with the product, which is similarly stripped back, with no artificial colours or flavours.   

“TBWA and Florence did an excellent job of depicting the modern day women, one that no longer wants to conform to social norms and wants an uncomplicated life,” says Giselle Bleakley, the marketing manager for RTDs and spirits at Independent Liquor.

What’s also interesting about the campaign is that it doesn’t shy away from the big issues. It faces them head-on. The housing crisis, marriage and careers all make an appearance in the ad. And yet, the narrative maintains an infectious optimism premised on freedom rather than checking arbitrary boxes. 


Client: Independent Liquor
Campaign Title: Long White Vodka – For Lovers of Less
Agency: TBWA
ECD: Christy Peacock
CD: Karen Maurice-O’Leary
​Creatives: Priya Ratan and Kirsty Hitchcock
Producer: Jodie Hari
Account Manager: Aimee Knox
Business Director: Angelina Farry
Head of planning: Steve Clark
Film Production Company: Eight
Director: Florence Noble
Producer: Jozsef Fityus, Jodie Hari
Executive Producer: Anna Kennedy 
DOP: Alex McDonald
Post production: Jim Hudson, Pete Ritchie, Lakshman Anandanayagam
Music: Liquid Studios – Composition by Peter van der Fluit

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