The KB Series’ second episode is released, Kiwibank works its marketing magic

(UPDATE) The second episode of Kiwibank’s KB Series featuring Jamie Curry is out. In this episode, Curry has moved into her new flat in Auckland and is attempting to navigate herself through the beginnings of adult life, which she does with much uncertainty and awkwardness.

This is the first episode where Kiwibank has weaved its marketing content into the series a bit more obviously, as Curry visits a bank and leaves fatigued and confused by what the bank employee told her.

Curry even has a nightmare about a bank employee hassling her for the multiple forms of ID banks normally require, and of course, the right to her first-born child.

She then attempts to figure out what to do with some bills she’s received in the mail and has to decline lunch with her high-rolling friend because she’s too poor.

We wonder what the solution will be to Curry’s financial/banking dramas, something to do with Kiwibank we bet.

Original story: July 20

The first episode of the KB Series which documents Jamie Curry’s big move to Auckland from her hometown Napier has been released on Facebook and closely coincides with the announcement of her book titled They Let Me Write a Book.

The episode is first of six which follow 18-year-old Curry on her journey to pursue her career in acting and producing entertaining content for her legion of fans. It can be found on both Curry’s and Kiwibank’s Facebook pages.

The announcement of the series followed some of Curry’s other promotional work, like her work for Coca-Cola and Netflix indicating brands’ knowledge of the marketability of social influencers and their ability to tap into young audiences.

Banks are generally at the opposite of that coolness spectrum, so the KB Series, the first independent social media campaign produced by Kiwibank, is an attempt to weave the theme of financial literacy into some content the 18-25 age group might actually want to watch.

The campaign will run for ten weeks.

While it hasn’t yet been uploaded to YouTube on Facebook the video already has 2,848 ‘likes’ on Curry’s page after its release today, more than the Kiwibank page which has 1,353 ‘likes’.

The shared approach will continue during publication, with both Kiwibank and Jamie’s World sharing the trailers, episodes and exclusive content across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

“We are delighted and proud to be leading innovative content with an influential person like Jamie,” says Kiwibank’s general manager of marketing, Nicky Ashton in a release. “Our partnership with Jamie symbolises how relationships in media are changing and that the consumer wants to share a more genuine approach to content. Her refreshing and authentic delivery combined with her responsible and savvy outlook on life made her the perfect fit with Kiwibank.” 

The campaign will also feature interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and other content aimed at the 18-25 target audience and it will be housed on Kiwibank’s online platform, Inner.Kiwi, a hub for all of the bank’s customer content as well as communications about what it means to be independent.

And in other Jamie Curry news, the YouTube starlet uploaded a video to her channel last week announcing that she has written a book called They Let Me Write a Book which will be released in November (published by HarperCollins) but is available for pre-order now on the book’s website.

The book is 200 pages and features, in Curry’s words: “ … my life so far, and what I’ve learnt – or haven’t learnt – along the way. Read about my cowboy hat years, the year I dug a big hole, and the time I pulled down my pants at a badminton game. I’ll tell you my top travel tips (drink water), how to have fun at a school ball (don’t go) and how to be an adult (eat an oyster). And I’ll talk about YouTube, because I suppose that’s what got us into this mess in the first place.”

Curry is obviously aware that her fans must be noticing the amount of promotional material she’s doing, as she says in her video: “I’m doing heaps of promo things lately, but sometimes things fall that way”.

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