Kangawrong! Clichés! Seagal! Extreeeme homage! Amazing bike locks! And other har-de-hars!

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With this toe-curler, it’s no wonder Australia didn’t get the World Cup in 2022.

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The ‘perfect’ TV family on show in this film from 1965 that was created as an in-joke by an un-named US agency.

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Seagal: he’s tough. And he eats explosive sausages. And here’s another one with a snake.

Youtube VideoTui is currently running a promo on its website for consumers to secure the last ever Tui stubbies that will be produced now that it has moved to long neck bottles. Tui fans are submitting photos, stories and videos, including this totally extreme homage to V’s ‘Pomparkour’ ladder sport ad.

Youtube VideoThe best bike lock ever made (actual demo at 1.20).

Ever wanted to know how to get from Japan to China (check out instruction no. 41); The Simpsons nail Fox News (again); fun with Autocoreect; a well-deserved pavlova victory for New Zealand; and I’ve lost my ninja.

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