Growth needs goodness: Meadow Fresh launches new brand platform

The solo first trip to the dairy is a milestone for any Kiwi kids – and it can be their first taste of independence. Meadow Fresh’s latest campaign celebrates that journey, embracing vulnerability and having the courage to let children have experiences that enable them to grow.

The new TVC, launched with Pitchblack Partners, captures a young girl embarking on her first walk to the dairy by herself, while her parents wait nervously at home. The young girl’s journey is full of excitement and nervousness, but she is supported along the way by her parents and the friendly shopkeeper. When she returns home with the milk for breakfast, her parents are proud and she has a clear sense of accomplishment. 

Meadow Fresh marketing manager Angela Monk says this wholesome ad is based on the fact that Meadow Fresh has been encouraging Kiwi kids to grow for decades, through both sensible nutrition choices and community-based sports programmes. 

“As kids our parents let us roam happily, but as adults, we’re less inclined to offer our kids the same freedom. The new campaign from Meadow Fresh explores the cultural shift, and how we grow as individuals through moments of vulnerability, and having the courage to let our kids have experiences that enable them to grow safely.”

Pitchblack partner Josh Moore says that he is aware with his own children that many of his fears about giving them freedom are irrational. 

“This campaign is designed to remind Kiwis that growth doesn’t come from sitting still – we grow by getting out there and giving things a go.”

The ‘Growth Needs Goodness’ campaign is rolling out across TV, outdoor, digital, social and PR.

Agency: Pitchblack Partners
Production: Jetblack
Director: Robin Walters
Music & Sound Design: Liquid Studios

Media Agency:

Goodman Fielder:
Head of retail marketing: Katherine Jensen
Marketing manager Meadow Fresh: Angela Monk
Brand manager Meadow Fresh: Liam Nolan
Head of consumer engagement: Meghan Blair 

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