Gregg’s audio-visual feast lands Colmar Brunton Ad Impact award

At the beginning of June, Gregg’s released a high-energy brand ad that pulled its disparate product strings together. It was an explosion of colour that gave a nod to the brand’s cheeky heritage by showing a range of mischievous Kiwi characters using the products in their own unique way. And with each segment playing out to to an infectious backtrack, the ad was an audio-visual feast that made jelly, coffee, spices, hot chocolate and food pastes look like party essentials.

The creative efforts of FCB and the production skills of Flying Fish have now caught the attention of the team at Colmar Brunton, who have awarded the spot the Ad Impact award for June. 

The judging panel applauded the ad for being both entertaining and relevant to the audience: “The ad stood out by delivering different information and innovation about Greggs products – it certainly showed the products being used humorously and in a new light. Response to the advertising is brilliant, both the emotional (long-term equity building) brand appeal and affinity is at high levels, combined with driving a strong propensity to purchase Gregg’s products. Overall, the ad generated good talkability, with viewers wanting to talk about this ad with friends and generate buzz for the brand.”   

FCB has worked with Gregg’s for the last 15 years, and the agency has consistently developed a range of quirky creative executions for the brand—something that FCB group account director Toby Sellers is attributable to the fact that the company has to compete with major international companies. 

“Gregg’s is a big brand in New Zealand, but compared to its multi-national competitors it’s almost like a challenger brand,” Sellers previously told StopPress. “The company doesn’t have the budget to compete with the major international players, like Nestle, so it has to produce creative that cuts through to consumers.”

On the topic of creativity, June was a good month in this regard, with Colmar Brunton identifying Vodafone and Tip Top Bakery as other strong contenders for the Ad Impact award this month.  


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I know you are, I said you are, but what am I? I’m a champion, that’s what I am. Playtime is Hi-Performance time!

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