Grape puns! Egyptian burger love! Send an E-Fail! Other things!

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A warts and all look at the pitch process. Warning: contains adult themes, primarily a scary man dressed up as a grape chasing children while saying things like ‘I’m going to grape you in the mouth’.

Youtube Video

Some Egyptians would do anything for love. Except that.

E-Fail is a new, more efficient form of marketing crisis management. The spiel explains it all: “Marketing is a tough business. Sometimes you’ll find yourself understaffed and overwhelmed. Sometimes there are problems even an ALL-CAPS e-mail can’t solve. At these times, you need a way to get the message out that your project is doomed to fail if you don’t get some help, quick.” That’s right, you need E-Fail.

Mmmm, Coca-Colla, some clever logos, a very cool interactive billboard for IBM, a geek getting revenge with the help of modern day super sleuthery and the Weston Frizzell supercity logo that tries to encompass everything and ends up looking like some kind of devil creature.

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