Glass now half-full for Cadbury

cadbury_gif_4af738227fCadbury’s decision to add a glass-and-a-half of palm oil to its shrinking Dairy Milk chocolate blocks was, as everyone has seen, a big mistake. The brand suffered, sales dropped and competitors took the opportunity to stick the boot in.  

But the company’s reaction to the brand crisis – admitting the mistake, apologising, pleading desperately for forgiveness and going back to old coc0a-butter recipe – was applauded.

Now Cadbury is continuing the charm offensive to mark the arrival of the old/new recipe on New Zealand shelves.

The Dairy Milk roadshow plans to visit more than 150 towns and give away one million free samples of orang-utan friendly chocky.

And, blow me down, it’s just in time for Christmas.

cadburySadly, Matthew Oldham, Cadbury New Zealand’s managing director, has another recipe controversy on his hands: Minties production has been moved from New Zealand to a sparkly new factory in Thailand and the purists are up in arms.

The sweet confections are now softer than usual and are lacking that powerful minty flavour the New Zealand populous seems to so desire. Oldham says there was no recipe change. It was just the taste of new machinery (and maybe a hint of lemongrass and fish sauce).

Thankfully, Cadbury has decided not to move the production of Pineapple Lumps off-shore for fear of violent reprisals across the nation.

StopPress is also trying to confirm horrible rumours surrounding a possible recipe change for Wattie’s tomato sauce.

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