Follow the honey: ANZ showcases its business customers

ANZ is following the supply chain of honey in a new ‘Bee to Bee’ campaign by TBWA, to demonstrate how businesses connect and contribute to each other’s success.

The campaign focuses on the growing honey sector, tying it into the bank with its business customers being the ones featured. Located in Christchurch, Oxford, Ashburton, Auckland and Gisborne, each business has a honey-related story from selling at farmers markets to large-scale manufacturing.

In featuring the different businesses, ANZ hopes to recognise the important role of business customers.

Bridget Snelling, ANZ’s head of business marketing, says having its customers demonstrate how ANZ makes business banking easier is a true testament to the products and services it provides to help their businesses.

“Our new campaign communicates what we do for them through their stories and what it feels like to be an ANZ Business customer.”

Shane Bradnick, TBWA chief creative officer, adds business banking ads normally aren’t the most exciting so there was an opportunity to disrupt the category and create work with warmth and feeling, centered around real, personal relationships.

“The main ad shows how it feels when business around New Zealand flows, and the product proof points are how ANZ help it all happen. We added a bit of charm by having a friendly bee navigate us through the story.”

As well as the main ad, there’s a suite of 15-second spots to support the campaign.


Client: ANZ New Zealand
Agency: TBWA Group NZ
Production Company: Fish & Clips
Post Production: Mandy VFX
Sound Design & Mix: Liquid Studios
Music: Level 2

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