Flying blender! Iceland! Too saxy! Books alive! Radiofishhead! Catholics! Memes collide! Flush it down!

Youtube Video Skittles says goodbye to an old friend: “If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, hit it with the broom.”

Youtube Video Iceland is a bit like New Zealand, except it has more cross-eyed locals, weird musicians, sunlight hours over summer and pimped out 4WDs that can drive on volcanoes. This commercial doesn’t show any of that. But it’s still pretty good.

Youtube Video Studies have shown and experts agree that Careless Whisper is too damn sexy, especially when performed by a studhunk with a greasy mullet.

Youtube Video Nothing to do? Make a stop-motion movie starring your books.

Youtube Video The jittery Thom Yorke’s new music video gets remixed. Is that a Fisher & Paykel?

Youtube Video Truth in advertising: Bill Maher’s version of the new Catholic commercial.

Youtube Video Meme fest 2011: the web’s biggest ‘stars’ come together in what could easily be the world’s worst movie. It’s post-modernism, Jim, but it’s been taken to new, ridiculous levels.

Youtube Video First blenders, now toilets. No stool is too large for the H2Option Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet.

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