Expedia nabs February Ad Impact award for taking viewers ‘over the rainbow’

Expedia’s Aussie-created ‘where’s your somewhere?’ TVC has also resonated on this side of the ditch, with Colmar Brunton’s team choosing it as the winner of the Februrary Ad Impact award.   

The ad features people from different walks of life who are dreaming of their ‘Somewhere’. The Wizard of Oz classic song, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ is used with great effect to invoke the sense of longing for adventure that people feel in their day to day jobs and the resulting feeling of joy when they get to experience that adventure at last.

“Overall, this ad is very impactful, it is highly enjoyable to watch and feels really relevant to people,” said the Colmar Brunton judges. “It is also highly persuasive, with both strong emotional brand appeal and rational persuasion, with people claiming to be more likely to use Expedia, demonstrating what an impactful ad is all about.”

Colmar Brunton’s team determined that the ad scored well in each of the categories under consideration, with its strongest result coming in the perusision section. And this is hardly surprising, given that the message about that ‘somewhere’ resonates with everyone, regardless of whether they’re sitting in a stuffy office late at night, comforting scared kids or dealing with yet another traffic jam. 

The judges also made special mention of AA’s Life Insurance ad featuring a pair of talking sheep and Pandora’s dreamy ‘wherever life takes you, take it with you’ spot.   

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