The Edge gets slapped with a pop of colour

The Edge has had a facelift, with a bright new logo and brand refresh to better suit its modern position as a multi-platform brand. The move comes only a week after its parent company MediaWorks had its own revamp.

The change is fitting for The Edge, which is no longer just a radio station but is now an entertainment brand that traverses TV, radio, an app and a website.

The new look is bright and colourful swapping out the bluey-purple and orange stamp design and for hot pink and purple, with simple text. A MediaWorks release says this is the biggest brand refresh it’s had in 20 years.

“A new logo will now unify all platforms under The Edge umbrella. The new streamlined graphics have an electric colour and design palette that interrupts the norm and connects with The Edge audience. Plus, new onscreen technology has been introduced to incorporate social media, giving viewers an enriched interactive experience.“

MediaWorks head of marketing Katie Mills says the design work for the rebrand was done by MILK headed up by Ben Reid (creative director). The Edge team, headed by Emily Hancox and supported by Rachel Langford and Michael Kooge delivered the brand development and activation with their colleagues. “The Edge team are fizzed to be able to take this to market today. I’m extremely proud of their work.”

Ryan Kothe also contributed to the process.

Latest bit of design work. Hope you enjoy.

Posted by Ryan Kothe on Thursday, 21 January 2016

According to the release the intention was a look that was simple and cohesive with “a healthy dose of The Edge attitude”.

“One of the great things about this exciting project is that it cements the fact that The Edge is not a radio station, not a TV channel, not a website. The Edge is an entertainment brand. This rebrand is just the first step towards the amalgamation of our platforms. 2016 is going to be huge for The Edge, so watch this space,” says The Edge network content director Ryan Rathbone in the release.

Mills says it was the right time for the rebrand. “It was absolutely the right time to deliver our audience a stonking destination entertainment brand unified across television, online, app, social and of course our number one radio station. The Edge team have worked relentlessly to get this brand right for the people who want to play with us – and for our clients, the delivery of large, engaged audiences.

Last year The Edge made its biggest move towards becoming a multi-channel brand with The Edge TV after listeners continued to fragment with new platforms entering the market. For the move, The Edge took away the TVNZ-NZ Marketing award for Media and Publishing.

The Edge faced new competitors in radio, online music streaming, mobile apps and other media. So, The Edge had to think up something new, and quickly.

The Edge TV replaced C4 and includes music videos, live music and pre-produced music shows synching across all the main media platforms.

When The Edge won the TVNZ-NZ Marketing award last year it was showing healthy gains for radio, TV and online with listeners increasing by 8.6 percent to 465,300 and weekly website page views had increased 46 percent to 266,086.

The Edge TV immediately increased its audience by more than 40 percent, reaching 1.2 million viewers in its first month.

In the most recent radio survey results More FM and The Rock were the only two brands to lift their listener numbers from the figures posted a year earlier. The Rock went from 285,600 listeners to 297,400 while More FM lifted from 292,100 to 328,300.

Newstalk ZB again held onto its position as the station with the biggest share of overall time spent listening (11.4 percent), followed by The Rock (9.1 percent) and Coast (9 percent). And the Edge once again had the highest total number of listeners with 436,000, followed by Newstalk ZB on 364,500 and More FM on 328,300.  

The biggest drops in this category were suffered by The Sound (down 30,700), Radio Hauraki (down 28,900), The Edge (down 26,700) and Radio Live (down 21,300).

In the 18-24 category the edge was down 13,100 listeners but still had the highest listenership across every category at 73,400.

According to Nielsen figures, The Edge has had steady website traffic from September last year to December, with a peak in October of 100,738 unique browsers.

In November last year The Edge TV had just over 1.2 million viewers. “The Edge on television demolishes its closest competition with an AP 5-plus, four-week consolidated cume, in excess of 1.2 million viewers every month,” says Mills.

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