Dogs! Cats! Poles! Invisible ad! Disembodied head! Solar/wind/star power! Falklands! Clickage! Paper cuts! Cage! Links!

Youtube VideoThe power of TV advertising, as shown through the story of a dog and his friend.

Youtube VideoThe power of an energy drink, as shown through cat-toast.

Youtube VideoAussie vodka makes fun of Poles—and parkour (here’s another one).

Youtube VideoLynx’s ‘invisible ad’ in Sydney.

Youtube VideoBMW ensures your head is in the right place.

Youtube VideoA solar powered brochure that just won gold at the One Show.

Youtube VideoFirst came The Force, now comes The Fan.

Youtube VideoStay at The Star Sydney and there will be stories.

Youtube VideoThe Argentinian Olympic kerfuffle.

Vimeo VideoA banner ad that aimed to inspire the world’s longest click.

Vimeo VideoAn amazing, Bafta award-winning short film by Mikey Please.

A font-based newspaper whoopsie, Nicholas Cage can play everyone, watch the planet being conquered and a very handy business name generator.

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