Directing! Tweets! Mr T! Flirting! Will Ferrell/Ron Burgundy! Inside adland! Construction! Kiev! Laffs!

Youtube VideoA call for entries like you’ve never seen (given it’s about a fastidious porn director, let’s call it mildly not safe for work).

Youtube VideoCelebrities read tweets about themselves.

Youtube VideoMr T gets his sell on for Old Navy.

Youtube VideoAxe embraces ‘good flirting’.

Youtube VideoWill Ferrell answers a few questions.

Youtube VideoSpeaking of Mr Ferrell, welcome back Ron Burgundy.

Youtube VideoAMC’s trailer for new show The Pitch. 

Youtube VideoAn amazing construction that was four years in the making.

Youtube VideoEver wanted to go to Kiev? Watch this video and you won’t have to bother.

Four great ads from Newsweek’s Mad Men edition, anthem mix ups, an excellent infographic of how Newscorp makes money, a very passionate CEO, a buttery disaster and a possible response to Marmageddon. 


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