Cuteness takes out June Ad Impact Award

Another month, another round of ads competing for the audience’s attention. While Colmar Brunton said June provided a great variety, it was Kiwibank that took out top spot for its ‘First Savers‘ TVC, which was created by Assignment Group. 

To establish what New Zealand kids think about certain money concepts, the ad shows several young children being asked questions including “what is money?” and “how do you save money?”.

The responses vary from simple, such as just putting money in jar to save money, to elaborate, creative ideas of a system of underground tunnels to explain where money comes from.

According to the release, Colmar Brunton found the ad worked well among the New Zealand public who found it to be highly enjoyable. It said the execution was appealing and created high levels of affinity for the brand, as well as being deemed as distinctive from other ads from financial institutions. Customers felt it showed Kiwibank to be a trend setter within the market.

Colmar Brunton considers the little green car at the end of the ad to be strong branding device for Kiwibank, as it has been used consistently in ads over the years and has aided consumers in linking the ad to the Kiwibank brand.

“Consumers found the ad to be particularly relevant, with the information provided being seen as credible and different, yet still easy to understand,” the release said. “This will aid memorability for consumers in the future. The ‘First Savers’ TVC also generated a lot of talkability among the NZ public. Overall, this well-branded TVC delivers a strong emotional response, which will aid in building long term brand equity.”

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