Corgis! The Wire! Old school vs. new school! Flying cat! Gaming! Subtitles! Luck! Raves! New York! Twitter! Sexy nuns!

Youtube VideoMarmite taps into the 60th jubilee celebrations. And here’s a great print ad.

Youtube VideoThe Wire: the musical.

Youtube VideoGoogle’s rebrief project (and here’s what’s happened).

Youtube VideoChuck Testa would be very impressed with this.

Youtube VideoNext time you’re copping an eyeful, here’s a novel excuse.

Youtube VideoA short history of video games.

Youtube VideoVolvo pushes its luck.

Youtube VideoProbably a couple of decades late, but the Police Rave Unit knows how to party.

Youtube VideoGoPro takes a tour of New York.

Youtube VideoTwitter flips the bird.

Youtube VideoIce-creamists, the London ice cream shop famous for coming up with a variety called Baby Gaga that used human breast milk, has a new flavour made from holy water and Absinthe—and an ad featuring a sexy nun licking a gun.

And this is a very surprised building.

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