Cannes 2014: New Zealand leaves festival as 13th most-awarded nation

By the time the curtain was drawn on the 2014 Cannes Festival of Creativity, a total of 1143 lions had been distributed to the finest examples of advertising to have been published throughout the world over the course of the last year. And of these gongs, 25 will be making their way back to New Zealand in the laps of Kiwi winners. 

This haul of awards makes New Zealand the 13th most-awarded country (tied with the Netherlands) in terms of the total number of gongs won, placing the nation directly behind South Africa (27), India (27) and Sweden (34).     

These numbers are however pocket change when compared to the United States, which walked away from the festival with a jingly tally of 215 lions. Brazil placed a distant second with 107, followed by the United Kingdom with 104, France with 85 and Australia with 63.

When the winners were arranged in order of grand prix wins, the United Kingdom placed first with four, followed by the United States and Sweden with two each. 

All of the United Kingdom’s grand prix gongs were awarded for Adam&EveDDB London’s ‘Sorry I spent it on myself’ campaign for Harvey Nichols—but not everyone believes the campaign deserves all the awards it has won. Adweek recently published a list of seven TVCs that writer David Griner believes were more deserving of the grand prix awards.

When the the list of winners were ordered in terms of gold lions, New Zealand moved into 10th position with five gongs, placing the nation on par with India and behind the United Arab Emirates with six and Argentina with eight.

Once again the United States was the runaway winner with 38 golds, followed by the United Kingdom with 23 and France with 17.          

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