Busted global pen thief steals Ad Impact Award

Youtube VideoWho would have thought an ad for the humble pen could be so engaging? The new ad for Paper Mate’s InkJoy pens takes an everyday situation we can all relate to, adds humour sharper than a paper cut, and shows just how compelling stationery can be. In the process, it nabs itself January’s Colmar Brunton’s Ad Impact Award for the most Impactful new ad on TV.

Paper Mate is supporting InkJoy with its first-ever global marketing campaign. The campaign launched first in the U.S. and then went global, now showing in key markets including New Zealand, Australia, South America, Canada, and Europe. Other support consists of a digital buy across multiple properties, including Facebook and Twitter, as well as a robust social media and word-of-mouth activation. The campaign was developed by Paper Mate agencies Energy BBDO and The Zocalo Group to drive InkJoy awareness and consumer engagement.

Youtube Video 15″ version.

The multi-faceted campaign, coined “The World’s Most Stolen Pen,” includes 15″ and 30″ TVCs appearing on cable channels Bravo, HGTV, Oxygen, TLC and TNT. According to Colmar Brunton’s managing director Jacqueline Ireland these new InkJoy pens aren’t short on personality. “A quick Google search reveals this is a pen on a crusade, promising to ‘bring back the joy of effortless writing’, and challenging us all to find our InkJoy.”

It shows an office worker planning to pilfer one – until another colleague hanging from the ceiling, warns her “Don’t do it, it’s a trap!”

Harriet Dixon, senior account manager at Colmar Brunton, says “We can all empathise with our pens ‘going missing’ and this ad plays up to that. By communicating the new brand in a fun, creatively distinctive way and making it memorable, six in ten claim they want one for themselves.’ She means pens, not traps. Now, where’s my pen?

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