Behold! The Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award

In what some marketing experts claim is the best thing since sliced bacon, Colmar Brunton has joined forces with StopPress to bring you a new—and particularly useful—addition to the website. So, dear readers, let us introduce you to the Ad Impact Award, a monthly honour that will be bestowed on the TV brand ads that are proven to have the biggest impact on consumers—and therefore get more bang for the client’s buck and better results for the brand.
Each month, Colmar Brunton will ask around 200 Kiwis to rate all the new consumer brand TVCs on four key criteria:

  1. Did they notice it?
  2. Did they know who it was for?
  3. Did it engage them, stand out and arouse their interest?
  4. Did it motivate them to feel or act differently as a result of seeing it?

Why these four criteria? Well, after more than 30 years spent testing more than 72,000 ads around the world, Colmar Brunton knows the greatest ads always tick these boxes.

Rest assured, our ever-popular TVC of the Week section, which is now sponsored by the fine folk at ThinkTV, will continue to bring you the most interesting, attention grabbing, good looking, clutter beating spots. But because the selection criteria is slightly less scientific (ie ‘Oooooh, that’s purty’, ‘Ha, that’s funny’, ‘Hey, that’s different’, or ‘Yep, that’s better than a Harvey Norman ad’), we felt a new section that used Colmar Brunton’s well-established testing techniques to showcase the ads—and the agencies responsible for them—that engage best with their intended audience was a much-needed addition to the family.

There is currently—and understandably—a big focus on accountability and ROI in the world of marketing and a strong desire to know if the ads all the cash is splashed on are actually doing their job. And if we know you marcomms folks, there’s also a strong desire to see how well the ads of your competitors are faring, so we have no doubt the Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award will be popular with our readers—and a sought after monthly accolade for agencies and clients.

The inaugural Ad Impact Award winner will be announced tomorrow.

  • To learn more about the ways to ensure your advertising works, get in touch with Jacqueline Ireland in Auckland on 09 919 9230 or [email protected] or Michael Dunne in Wellington on 04 913 3004 or [email protected].

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