Air New Zealand lands Colmar Brunton Ad Impact Award

Air New Zealand’s big ‘where to next’ brand ad, featuring Gin Wigmore’s rendition of Tomorrow, has picked up the Colmar Brunton Ad Impact award for August. 

Featuring scenes of people starting their day in different locations around the world, the beautifully shot ad provides a sentimental showcase many of the cities to which the airline flies.   

“They have really pulled on the heart strings here, playing on our Kiwi love of travel and the joy of that comes from it,” said the Colmar Brunton release on the announcement. 

Consumers scored the ad particularly highly on the impact measures, also finding the creative was both relevant and credible, factors which aid in memorability.   

“Talkability is also high, with a large number of people saying it’s the sort of ad they would talk about with friends,” said the release. “The ‘Where to next’ TV ad has done well at eliciting a strong emotional response from viewers, scoring highly on appeal and brand affinity, this will contribute to the development of Air new Zealand’s long term brand equity.”

This was, however, another competitive month, with Farmers’ new season launch and the Lumino the Dentist’s ‘Do More’ ad also getting a nod of approval from consumers. 

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