Adshel deems Day Buying a success

Adshel NZ says the launch of Adshel Live Day Buying in December has proved to be worthy, as advertisers have taken the opportunity to utilize the product for its campaigns.

Day Buying enables advertisers to buy all Adshel Live screens by the day and is available on all Adshel Live national and city packs, with the ability to reach a large audience via the scale and coverage of the network.

Adshel Live provides the added benefit of proximity to key categories of interest, offering greater levels of contextually relevant advertising. 

A number of advertisers ranging across retail, travel, telecommunications, banking, FMCG and tertiary categories have all taken advantage of the benefits the product has to offer, communicating mass awareness campaigns, with time-sensitive messaging within a short period of time. 

The Adshel Live network holds 223 live screens, appearing in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch, which makes it New Zealand’s broadest-reaching and most scalable digital roadside network. 

In December, Adshel’s digital and technology sales manager, Rick Goodwin, told StopPress that agencies have sold in the ‘relevance at scale proposition’ of Adshel Live, with more than 70 percent of campaigns in 2017 tapping into the creative flexibility the digital product offers.

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