Ads of the Week: 8 November

Who’s it for: Long White Vodka by TBWA

Why we like it: As the summer sun makes itself known, we know the drink ads are not far away to offer up a solution to quenching thirst or a refreshment for a bbq. However, that’s not what Long White Vodka has delivered in this spot, instead it boldly takes on the serious topics of marriage and home ownership by questioning their necessity. And while it may cause a stir among traditionalists, we see it having great appeal to young women feeling the pressures of social norms. All in all, it’s a refreshing campaign from a beverage company because even when it does make a nod to summer when the protagonist jumps into the sea her outburst about it being “freezing” goes against the grain again. 

Who’s it for: Tegel by Barnes, Catmur & Friends Dentsu

Why we like it: If Tegel’s plan was to get the jingle stuck in the heads of New Zealanders this ad is sure to be a winner. In just 30 seconds, it manages to get through 18 meat-loving characters and explain each of their preferences to list all off the brand’s offerings. And for those who manage to remember what’s included, Tegel has launched a competition on its website encouraging fans to answer four questions about the ad.

Who’s it for: The Warehouse by DDB

Why we like it: Brace yourself, Christmas it coming and The Warehouse wants to make sure you feel it. However, rather than bombarding the audience with carols and gift ideas this ad takes a dreamier approach, delighting audiences with the unexpected moments of a meditating dad, a gift bazooka, a Lego boat and parachuting drop-ins. We’re sure the loud, product heavy Christmas ads are to come, but this ad eases audiences nicely into the festive season.

Who’s it for: Interislander by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: It’s hard to not feel something when watching this spot, whether its the welling of tears like some in our office or a smile that cracked on the faces of others when they watched the man’s child-like excitement when he sees they have arrived at their destination. The audience is in the dark about where the ad is going, but the journey they go through over the 60 seconds is a clever replication of the journey Interislander hopes to take its passengers on.

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