Ads of the Week: 5 March

Who’s it for: House of Travel by in-house and Flying Fish

Why we like it: This is an ad served with an extra slice of cheese, but the fact that it is inspired by the true story of a Christchurch couple just saves it from being on the wrong side of cringe. It is an ambitious TVC and certainly takes things up a notch from the first in the series, ‘Dinosaurs‘, and there’s nothing wrong with being reminded of the aspirational element of travel – it isn’t all just holiday snaps and ticking destinations off the bucket list, sometimes the best thing about travel is just one divine moment.

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: NZTA hasn’t shied away from showing the reality of dangerous behaviour on the roads in recent years and the result is powerful. Not putting your seatbelt on might seem like a tiny, split-second decision, but these survivors know what could have been ripped away from them without it. The belt burns are make up in the ads, but they replicate the real injuries these people suffered and it’s confronting and not pretty – but the alternative is much worse. 

Who’s it for: Partners Life by Assignment

Why we like it: Well this is morbid. If we all pass over into the afterlife with the burdens of life still hanging over us, then that is disappointing news. It seems Partners Life has a solution to spending eternity in suffering. though. And just like in life, it’s not eating well, exercise or even religion that will save us. According to Partners Life, it’s insurance. Classic.

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