Ads of the Week: 4 June

Who’s it for: McDonald’s NZ by DDB

Why we like it: As the saying goes, ‘when it’s good, you don’t change’. But for once, McDonald’s is branching out and shaking up a couple of its classics – thankfully introducing bacon as an optional switch. It was always going to be a divisive move and McDonald’s is playing with that in its marketing of the new products. This dude is right though, it’s not a quarter pound of meat if it also has bacon… so is it a Quarter Pounder? Something to ponder.

Who’s it for: Air New Zealand

Why we like it: Who knew real air-bound planes were assembled in almost exactly the same manner as those kit-set collectables you can buy at specialist gaming shops. So many fiddly little parts! Although we can only hope the real manufacturing process doesn’t suffer the inevitable missing screw that the model variety is so renowned for. 

Who’s it for: Countdown New Zealand

Why we like it: While Kiwis are battening down the hatches and scheduling heat pumps to take the edge off the early morning frosts – apparently broccoli are flourishing in the fields, relishing the feeling of freezing their nutritious little heads off. It is refreshing to see a move to celebrate seasonal fruit and vege, and comforting to know that broccoli is in plentiful supply to keep us warm during those cold winter months. 

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