Ads of the week: 29 March

Who’s it for: NZTA by Clemenger BBDO

Why we like it: The NZTA has had a run of great ads lately, and this latest spot addressing the danger of phoning and driving is no exception. We like how the spot draws attention to the issue using humour in the form of awkward hand touches (which lead to great facial expressions), in a variety of scenarios. The over lay of Lionel Richie’s Hello is also a plus. 

Who’s it for: Slingshot by RAPP

Why we like it: While the younger among us often critique our parents and grandparents for their poor attempts at using technology, sending hilarious auto (un)corrected messages and texting with their index fingers rather than thumbs, they might finally be catching up. Or at least this ‘cool’ dad is in this ad. We like how the spot implies that ‘grown ups’ can be just as taken with technology as the young’uns.

View the video here.

Who’s it for: Vodafone, produced in-house

Why we like it: This was one of the most creative ads we saw over Easter and we like how Vodafone experimented with 360-degree video to tie into the holiday theme, turning an Easter egg hunt into a virtual experience. And while viewers didn’t get the tasty chocolate reward, they did go into the draw to win a phone and may have even prevented the gain of a few extra inches on the waistline.

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