10 thoughts on 2020 with TBWA’s Shane Bradnick

2020 is in full swing now and with it comes an air of mystery, opportunities and excitement. TBWA’s Shane Bradnick’s takes us through his 10 thoughts for 2020.

Q. What excites you the most about 2020?

That we have made it to the future.

Q. What scares you the most?

All the climate crisis chat – there is a lot of heated debate around the world right now. I’m really interested to see how governments globally are going to respond to it. The feeling is that we are at a point where it’s either extinction or rebellion and there is a large divide between the two that needs to be bridged.

Q. Which media channel will change the most in 2020?

Social. Firstly, I’m not sure it can continue to operate without proper governance, also I reckon people will finally admit that it’s just another media channel and they’ll have to either invest properly or not, and also have an actual strategy on how to use it.

 Q. What’s one problem you’d like to solve in 2020?

The industry perception of separation between clients and their agencies. Truth is you can only solve things if you’re both facing the same direction, have aligned values and the same excitement about what’s possible. We’re building strong relationships with our partners, making sure we’re in it together.

Q. What will be the most over-rated/overhyped thing in 2020?

So far, it’s a tie between Disney+, and a candle that smells like Gwyneth’s vagina. Probably 5G.

Q. What will be the next TikTok?

I have no idea, but I’m sure my kids are going to love it and think I don’t understand it!

Q. What will be the biggest challenge marketers will face in 2020?

Who to partner with and where to put their money.

Q. What changed the way you think about the industry in the past year?

The Tesla Cyber Truck launch. As an industry we’ve become comfortable making to create incremental changes and versions of things we’ve done before, and at the same time expect different results.

Elon Musk took the most ubiquitous vehicle in the worlds and created a truck that was completely different from anything we’d ever seen before, and then crowd funded the production. We could all be a little more daring.

Q. Will robots take over?

2021 will be the year. 2020 is too obvious, they are far smarter than that.

Q. What’s your New Year’s resolution?

Less Instagram.

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