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Expectations of an Account Manager

As an Account Manager (AM) you are an integral part of the account service team. A real team player. You are here because you love the advertising industry. You are well-organised, handle pressure, can meet tight deadlines, juggle many jobs at once and keep up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the advertising industry.

You will be counted upon to manage the day-to-day knowledge of client’s business with regard to sales, market position and growth opportunities.

You will take care of meeting preparation and have all documents ready and delivered on time, including WIP, contact reports and creative for any presentations. The agency expects AMs to have an efficient handle on the internal processes with the agency – briefs, required approvals etc. And to be able to work across multiple teams with ease.

You will have the motivation to improve processes and the initiative to suggest and implement change for the better within the agency. You will keep your Line Manager informed with client business developments and job status, and provide guidance and support to AE’s.

We look to our AM’s to uphold best industry practice and be an ambassador for the agency, living the values of Saatchi & Saatchi.

Client Responsibilities:

Disseminate information to all team members as appropriate.

Contribute to strategy development. Understand the client’s business inside and out, you should be able to answer questions (or find out the answers), gather data and offer insight into competitors.

Contribute to creative development. You can evaluate creative and judge whether it accomplishes the stated goals and know good advertising from bad. You ensure approval of the briefs prior to jobs going into the creative department and support the creative team throughout development process (e.g. sourcing of information/materials etc).

Lead and/or attend client meetings and ensure that contact reports are issued within

Actively seek to increase your knowledge of your client’s business.

Gain the trust and respect of your client counterparts. Be someone that the client counts on, can turn to and whose opinion is valued.

Agency Responsibilities:

Organise and manage all aspects of production, including timelines, budgets,
briefing process and accuracy of final materials. Ensure that all necessary paperwork is
completed in an accurate and timely way, including agency billing. Work at improving job

Organise and manage meetings and presentations of all types, including creative reviews, internal and client WIP meetings, and client presentations.

Ensure that all files and documentation are properly maintained, and provide easy
access to information for clients and agency teams as needed, including internal, client
and legal approvals.

Share information appropriately. Ensure agency team and client are kept up-to-date
as appropriate on work in progress items, competitive activity, production schedules and
costs/issues etc.

Assess competitive information, maintain competitive files. Produce competitive
reviews as relevant to the client (with the help of AE, and under the guidance of AD).

Have a good understanding of the billing system, manage the JCRs for your specific projects; help to ensure that the invoicing process is adhered to with your AD’s guidance; effectively resolve billing issues/queries with your client.

Proactively suggest opportunities to improve processes.

Teach and coach. Take an interest in the career development of your AE. Contribute
towards their experience and learning.

Skills required:

Excellent communication skills. You must be able to accurately communicate information to and from the client. You must be a good listener and be able to work with people in all departments and at all levels. You should be in the process of developing your presentation and selling skills.

Outstanding organisational abilities. You must be able to juggle multiple projects and tasks simultaneously, prioritise workload and meet deadlines – both for your own specific tasks and generally for the agency’s output.

Be a quick learner. You should be able to quickly assimilate information, and learn from past experiences. You must be inquisitive and have a genuine interest in advertising and communications.

Be proactive and able to work independently. Be responsive and have a sense of urgency. Take ownership of projects as relevant (but also know when to delegate responsibility upward). Once you have learnt a process, you should not require constant supervision in order to get the job done.

Work and play well with others. Know how to get work through the agency whilst maintaining positive relationships with other departments/members of staff. Encourage and assist your AE in developing strong working relationships.

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