Year in Review: Chris Long, Rainger & Rolfe

Every year, StopPress asks players in the local industry for their reflections on the year that was. Here’s what Chris Long, Creative Director at Rainger & Rolfe, had to say.

1. Favourite Local Campaign

Quite partial to the writing on that latest Hilux campaign out of Saatchis. I thought the R&V Covid music video was a smart bit of thinking. And pretty impressed by the efficacy of the Keep It Real Online work out of Motion Sickness, and the ambitiousness of ‘The Eggplant’ follow-up (shot Will!).

2. Favourite International Campaign

Love the mouldy Whopper obviously. Amazing work. ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ felt like a worthy new chapter in Nike’s legacy. And a little one that really stuck with me was the Biden commercial about dogs in the White House. Didn’t think it was possible to dislike Trump more, and then they found a way…

3. Least favourite campaign

I have an unpleasantly intense visceral reaction to the Electric Kiwi song.

4. Three words to describe 2020

Far. From. Ideal.

5. Most memorable moment from lockdown

Being able to walk Felix to school every day when they let him back in was really lovely. And for the wrong reasons, video meetings. So. Many. Video. Meetings.

6. First thing you did in Level 1

A vivid memory was going to that first Blues game, and suddenly feeling both amazed and ever-so-slightly freaked out by seeing 35,000 people hanging out together all of a sudden.

7. Heroes of 2020

First up I’d have to say the people I work with. Obviously it was a tough adjustment all round when Level 4 kicked off but everyone at R&R just pulled together in a truly awesome way. Cheesy to say I know, but it was just really cool, and really impressive.

Secondly, a tie between Kamala Harris and Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Thirdly, Baby Yoda.

And I just read this to my wife and she humbly suggested that she also be included…

8. What personality trait got you in the most trouble in 2020

Speaking way, way too loud in Zoom meetings and interrupting my wife’s Zoom meetings upstairs. Like just straight up yelling! I don’t know why, I just can’t help it. Maybe it’s the drumming.

9. What achievement are you most proud of in 2020?

Just getting to the end of it felt pretty great. John Hegarty gave us an award too which was cool.

10. Silver lining of 2020

Working from home was not without its charms from time to time. We won a few pitches and kept ticking along through it all which was pleasing. And the Black Caps just being consistently awesome too. Kane Williamson is God.

11. Best brands of 2020

Here’s a weird answer – I think the NZ Government had a moment as a brand. Even their public health announcement branding was tight.

12. Best innovation of 2020

AC-75 foiling monohulls are pretty mind-blowing. 

13. Guilty Netflix obsession

I’m cheating because it’s actually on Neon but definitely Dark Side of the Ring. Some seriously gripping, tragic, hectic stuff. Wrestling is even more insane than I thought it was.

14. Twitter or Instagram?

Actually Facebook if I’m being honest.

15. What should be uninvented?

Also Facebook. I’m semi-addicted to it as a source of news. But on the flip side Sacha Baron Cohen’s ‘greatest propaganda machine in history’ speech was so on the money. It’s a lot of petrol on a lot of fires…

16. What’s the biggest mistake advertisers will make in 2021?

Forgetting that people really want to be entertained.

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