Stoppies 2017: Vogel’s brings Campaign of the Year to its table

The Campaign of the Year category featured some intense debate among the editorial team, with Rebel Sport’s ‘What’s your why?’, Mars Pedigree’s ‘Child Replacement Programme’ and the Human Rights Commission’s ‘Give Nothing to Racism’ campaigns all receiving strong support. It was, however, too difficult to look past the immense popularity of Vogel’s first TV campaign in 10 years.

How did you come up with the idea?

In its 50th year, this was always going to be a great opportunity for Vogel’s to redefine what the brand meant to New Zealanders. We created the ‘The Big Little Kiwi Census’ in February to find out what Kiwis thought about a whole lot of things and to softly launch the idea that despite our diversity of backgrounds, opinions and beliefs, “We Are All Vogel’s”. From those insights and others, we set out to develop work that showcased this truth in quite a deep, genuine and, we hoped, inspirational way.

Did you know it was going to be such a huge hit from the outset?

Using real people and real stories is always a bit tricky. But we worked ridiculously hard to nd the best, most inspirational stories we could find, and the final group we had on the day were outstanding. Incredible people, all with something different to share. You never know if something is going to be a ‘big hit’, but we thought if we got the right people together, people would definitely engage with the campaign. 

Social experiments are nothing new, but what made this one so special?

It was a fresh perspective on who we are as Kiwis in 2017. We felt the timing was right for this project – there is a bit of tension in New Zealand at the moment around our increasing diversity, so we wanted to point out that it’s actually that diversity that makes our country who we are today. It was all of New Zealand really, at one table, just sitting down for breakfast, having a chat. 

People’s Choice

1st ‘What’s your Why’ for Rebel Sport (17.2 percent)

2nd ‘Give nothing to Racism’ for the New Zealand Human Rights Commission (10.6 percent)

3rd ‘Reasons to Care’ for AA Insurance (10.5 percent)

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The ad featured a really diverse range of people. What advice would you give to advertisers looking to do this? 

Look for genuine people, with interesting stories. You don’t have to force diversity in New Zealand. Everyone has something special to bring to the table (see what I did there?). Critically though, you need to ask whether celebrating diversity is the idea right for your brand, which it was 100 percent for Vogel’s.

Oh and don’t settle too early. We pushed this one hard, and the rewards came. 

Shine lost the Vogel’s account after this hugely successful campaign. What are your thoughts on this? It seemed a bit of a tough end result.

That’s advertising, right? We’re just happy to have produced one of the most talked about campaigns of the year; creating a long-standing brand platform for an iconic Kiwi brand. Good luck to the others who are now tasked with carrying that on. 

Any other thoughts on what it takes to make a ridiculously popular ad?

In this new world of advertising, the fundamental truths haven’t changed. A genuine insight, a great idea executed well, normally sees you right. 

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