Stop(Press), Hammer time

54408373_af2dfafa99Here’s a timeless PR tip: Invite MC Hammer to your launch gig.

Xbox 360 has enlisted the services of the poo-panted rapping savant (and, latterly, financially unstable preacher man) to perform in Auckland on 12 November for the release of karaoke title Lips: Number One Hits.

Hammer will, of course, perform his chart-topping smash hit and gyrate rhythmically for your listening and viewing pleasure. And he will also demonstrate his tech-savviness by showing off Xbox’s Twitter feature. Hopefully he’ll do both simultaneously.

Youtube Video

Hammer is recognised as the fourteenth most influential musician on Twitter, with more than 1.6 million followers.

Another timeless PR tip: keep sending StopPress decadent delights.

yoghurt-cTip Top has just released a new range of creamy yogurt ice cream and the StopPress team was given the chance to sample some of its 97 per cent fat free frozen wares. Even the most refined of editorial palates was impressed with what can only be described as a yogurty taste explosion. And the new packaging also found favour with the office aesthetes.

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