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If you have quite the appetite for social media marketing, here’s something for you to savour. May 17th sees the arrival of Social Media Junction. This conference incorporates a range of new media visionaries from the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand who will offer their insights into how you can harness the power of the tools available today.

Day one covers social media strategy—looking at the latest technologies, tools and best practices in marketing today.

The second day consists of a separately bookable workshop with pioneering internet marketing consultant Andy Beal. Beal is one of the world’s most respected voices on online marketing and has given consultancy to some of the world’s leading brands, including Motorola, GlaxoSmithKline, SAS and NBC. Andy’s insights range from online reputation monitoring right through to search engine optimisation and corporate blogging.

Both days will get you to the heart of what works and what doesn’t in the world of Social Media and online marketing and what you can do to improve your business. The speakers will cover all the current trends, like the importance of mobile communications, geo-tagging and location-based services like FourSquare, augmented reality, social search and the often underestimated integration between online and offline.

If you want to build trust and positive association with your brand or successfully launch a new product or service by using Social Media and other online tools, this is the conference you need to attend. Click here to register.

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