Music, food and booze used to win friends and influence people

APN Outdoor has instituted a new networking programme for its clients and business partners called ‘Friends in High Places’, with the new initiative set to butter up 250 of its clients and business partners with an invite-only show featuring Kiwi singer/songwriter/denim jacket-wearing dreamboat Dane Rumble and rising musical stars Artisan Guns, AutoZamm and Lisa Crawley.

Phil Clemas, general manager of APN Outdoor New Zealand, says the ‘Friends in High Places’ campaign is a play on the location of its billboards and “their ability to offer the highest possible reach to clients”, and it’s also a good way to bring together all of its business partners to build relationships and expand networking opportunities by giving the guests a dose of their own creative medicine and plying them with an array of delectable bribes.

“Advertising, like music, is a creative field, so, it seemed a natural fit to call on some of our ‘friends in high places’ to share their creativity with a like-minded community,” Clemas says.

Dane Rumble: "I've hurt my arm. And there's something down there on the floor."

The first concert will be held on 3 June at Auckland venue Studio and VIPs can expect to get their invite by 17 May. All attendees will receive a personalised ‘Friends in High Places’ membership card, which will give them access to future events and reward members over the year with various APN Outdoor partnership privileges, such as free music downloads, exclusive club access and flight discounts.

Post-event images and videos will be posted on APN Outdoor’s fresh new Facebook page, its yet-to-be-added to YouTube channel and Twitter.

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