Mag-debaters to argue toss

Sarkofagus_Lux_CoffinAre print magazines doomed? Or do the digiterati need to get off their high horse and accept that good old tactile paper is here to stay?

Watch the sparks fly as an illustrious array of dashing raconteurs, gadabouts and bon vivants from both sides of the media ledger butt heads at the Magazine Publishers Association Christmas debate.

The moot: Magazines are dead.

The affirmative team (from IAB – Interactive Advertising Bureau):

* Siobhan McKenna, Mediaworks

* Tom Osborne, Wag the Dog

* Michael Gregg, TradeMe

The negative team (from MPA – Magazine Publishers Association):

* Vincent Heeringa, HB Media

* Sahil Merchant, Magnation

* Mike Hutcheson, Image Centre Group

Debating will ensue at 4pm, Wednesday 9 December at The Juice Bar (at the Windsor Castle), 144 Parnell Rd, Parnell.

Seats are limited and early registration here will be essential. Marketing Association members pay MPA member prices ($35 instead of $45).

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