Line up for your all Axis passes

Tickets for the 30th anniversary Axis awards are now on sale at the CAANZ website. But the powers that be have sent a stern warning: tickets are limited, so you need to get online and secure them now.

Come 25 March, 700 of NZ’s finest (not just in advertising, but overall) will be partying it up at Orams Marine on Beaumont St. There’s nothing more powerful than peer pressure, so you don’t want to be left out, otherwise you will be presumably become a pariah. If you’re a stingy bastard, perhaps the creative function, which will be held on the 24 March at the Floating Pavilion, will be more your cup of tea.

Tickets will, in the first instance, be made available to agencies reflecting the number of entries they have placed. Then it will be opened up to an allocation to all other CAANZ members.

Download the ticket order form at the CAANZ website, complete with your preferred amount of tickets and email to [email protected] or fax to 09 303 0460.

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