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The growth in the outdoor industry is largely being driven by digital media, both ‘place-based’, like shopping malls, oil chains and airports, and large format. In the Asia/Pacific region, ad spend in digital out-of-home has grown 19 percent on average every year from 2006 to 2011 and global spend in the sector last year was $US7 billion, which is forecast to grow almost 20 percent this year. So local digital signage network nGage is bringing together a few smart cookies at an event that aims to showcase the digital signage ecosystem and offer a glimpse into the future. 

With ten digital networks and over 1000 digital screens in the New Zealand in Z Energy, Fix, The Warehouse and elsewhere, Ngage is the biggest DOOH network in the country and has spent the past 12 months educating the market on the future of digital signage. And the message is pretty clear: DOOH is where the advertisers and media owners are heading and one man who knows a lot about this evolution is Sanjay Manandhar, the founder of Boston-basedsoftware platform Aerva, which is used by nGage in the Australasian market, and the keynote speaker. 

He founded the company with the express intention of bringing an intuitive solution for networks and enterprises to manage digital displays and also allow mobile devices to interact with them. 

Manandhar has worked on some big campaigns, including a pic2Screen project for Beats by Dr Dre’s that saw it takeover three giant Times Square billboards and Taco Bell’s Doritos Tacos Locos product launch. 


Other key speakers (Mike Hutcheson, executive director of the Image Centre Group, Steve Simms, co-founder of Tomizone and Jeff Hazell, business propositions manager at Vodafone) will speak about their particular area of the industry and cover topics such as mobile technology and its implications for digital signage, the changing media landscape and leveraging interactive technology to engage customers and improve the bottom line.

Partner displays at the event will create a tangible, interactive experience for guests to truly understand how digital will work for them and provide opportunity to engage with the people you need to be in front of. 


3pm – 5.30 Thursday 29th November 2012

Drinks 5.30 – 7.30 

Upper Mezzanine

The Cloud, Queens Wharf

Contact Sarah Boles if you’re interested in coming along. 

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