AUT Adschool: the year in review

Those creatives grow up so fast these days don’t they? Soon enough they’ll be getting told to shut up by Devo for talking during speeches at the Axis awards (if they’re lucky enough to get jobs when they graduate). So if you want to see what the young whippersnappers from the AUT Adschool have been up to in 2010, make sure you head along to the end of year show on Tuesday 9 November at Film Construction, 22 Minnie St, Eden Terrace. It’s industry only from 5.30pm to 7pm, then the hoards of parents, pals and pets get to have a gander from 7-9pm. And, as is the custom during the burgeoning festive season, the drinks and nibbles will be plentiful. Here’s what some of the young’uns produced last year.

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