The Compendium: November 8

A round-up of the weird, wonderful and suspicious ads from our international Intertubes.

Amazon brought in all the pre-Christmas feelings with this 90-second spot. The catchy song, lovey-dovey Love Actually reunion vibes, and singing packages are almost enough to distract the fact that Jeff Bezos makes just under USD$2500 per second but still can’t manage to pay his employees a living wage. Happy Holidays!

Okay, so firstly obviously nothing to do with Sprite itself, more just its positioning support of the LGBTQ community. That is super cool, yet there is an uneasy feeling of brands trying to put itself forward as ‘progressive’ when it is, in reality, a corporation whose main focus is profit and driving sales. Although good on Sprite for taking a stand, it is important to support every member of the community, no matter what.

Walkers crisps must be fucking canning it to be able to afford Mariah Carey for this Christmas ad. The iconic diva has defrosted in time to promote a crisp, to which I will be buying as I do what the Christmas Goddess suggests. This whole ad clothes-lined me with Christmas spirit in November, someone bring me a pine-scented candle and a Cookie Time Christmas bucket because I am ready.  

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