The compendium: Superbowl edition

That’s right folks, if you’ve ever thought of spending eight years worth of your advertising budget for one occasion, then these Superbowl ads will show you how. Welcome to our international intertubes, Superbowl edition. Which one’s your favourite?

Shit son, are they even allowed to have Coke likeness can in the beginning? What was the budget for getting Missy Elliot to do a bespoke rap for a super free drink. Absolutely slapped, 10/10.

Another star-studded lineup! This time Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot bust out some fire moves, while Billy Ray Cyrus strums away on his old western Guitar. The butt slaps, the dressage, Nas’s whole outfit. Phenomenal.

‘Are you strugs to snack’ is a term I never thought I needed in my life until now. Van Ness makes this entire ad, his flare and unbeatable enthusiasm almost distract from the fact PopTarts are nasty.

Well, if we were going to expect anyone to have a budget the size of Uranus it would be Amazon. The celebrity cameos and casting are fantastic, and Jeff Bezos makes a star appearance at the end as the gold-hungry Dragon, how nice.

I don’t know why they have strong Brooklyn accents yelling in the middle of the street but I am not complaining. This is exactly how I and my friends talk to other, fast, meaningless and in an accent that belongs to none of us. Forgedabouit.

It’s JOHN CENAAAAAAAAAAAA. And Jimmy Fallon. Loosely related to beer but hey, it’s fun. “I’m so happy I could squat you” is a stellar line from those copywriters.

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