The compendium: March 20

Finally, some ads that actually convey the intended message. Toyota great, McDonald’s fantastic, Apple please hire a new dancer.

Aside from reckless driving and pointless cows, MMB has successfully shown the attractive abilities of a Toyota truck. Primarily using sounds, including the roaring engine, tyres on the gravel and the unloading of camping gear, the ad is a refreshment in a sea of overhyped truck commercials.

This made me chuckle. I have often thought ‘why the hell have I just paid $6 for a standard coffee’? Do I get some sort of treatment with that steep price? However, if it is a perfect barrista made almond flat white at the perfect sipping temperature, it is definitely worth it.

I understand the message they’re trying to convey, that earphones can sometimes help us escape the hustle and bustle of the world. However, what on earth are those dance moves? The juxtaposition of the two city scenes works well, and the vibrant colours are captivating, but I think the entire ad would be taken more seriously if the dancing was less bizarre and there was a less irritating choice of song.

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