The compendium: March 13

This week’s round-up of international ads could be compared to a box of Favourites, we have a delightful Cadbury, a mediocre Picnic and a not so nice Cherry Ripe that is always left in the box.

This 30-second ad is 30 seconds too long. Could TBWA not have thought of any other way to promote a Schwarzkopf product than with six squealing girls. One word, annoying.

Adidas ad’s never fail to impress, and this one is no different. Combining reality and animation, DDB’s energetic video will make even the laziest of people consider going for a run.

Another ad where the content has almost zero connection to the product. I am also weirded out that the ‘sons’ look almost the same ages as their ‘parents’ and are still living at home. However, I will admit I chuckled, and now I seriously want an Italian BLT sub.

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