The compendium: January 12

New Year, new me… To kick the work year off and welcome you all back to your desks, we’ve rounded up some of the best New Year-themed international ads – from Brazil to Denmark to Singapore.

“For those who faced 2020, may 2021 be easier to swallow” is the sentiment from Burger King in Brazil. After reaching out to fans to ask what 2020 would be if it were a burger, answers ranged from “sardines cause I got canned for a whole year” to “chicken feet since I aged 10 years in 2020”. The result consists of burnt bread, noodles, raisins, sardines, chicken feet and jackfruit. And before you ask, it was created exclusively by David agency for the campaign and won’t be available at Burger King. And no, bat meat was not one of the ingredients.

What’s better than cute dogs distracting you when you’re back at your desk? The pet lovers among us will appreciate ‘A New Year’s Tail’ for Danish streaming service provider Waoo. To help its subscribers and their pets during the silly season’s fireworks, Waoo worked with experts to create a 10-hour long feature film developed specifically to calm dogs. The content is optimised visually to relax dogs – it’s filled with nature shots and filmed in yellow, blue and white, after studies showed that dogs prefer this colour spectrum.

The picturesque scenes in this campaign for Changi Airport Group is welcome viewing for those of us experiencing wanderlust. Striking an emotional chord, it takes viewers through travel aspirations that were broken, while inspiring travellers to dream of experiences they have always wanted to enjoy. It brings hope of better days ahead and spreads the uplifting sentiment of being able to experience the joy of travel, once again – promising that we’ll be able to travel with our phones, rather than travelling from our phones.

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