The compendium: December 6

Our weekly round-up of good stuff, bad stuff, and straight-up unnecessary stuff from our international snooping.

Look, just because McDonald’s has a huge marketing budget doesn’t always mean they should use it. The production value is great, yet the food was overshadowed by a mother’s crippling devastation at losing her child in a busy train station. Did not make me want a McFlurry at all. Two stars.

A result again, of massive marketing budgets. This advert, which is more of a short film, is executed amazingly and shows the potential of the iPhone 11 camera. I have been hit once by a snowball and it hurt like hell, so props to these children actors for getting absolutely pummeled.

As a child, Oscar the Grouch was my idol, today, he has retaken that top spot. The sheer displeasure he has in everything was an interesting take for Squarespace, but for a modern platform, it was a brave move that was a lot of fun to watch.

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