The compendium: 13 December

Our blatant likes and dislikes of international ads from our intense snooping.

There is nothing I love more than when an advert brings us all together for the holidays. Especially when that community is fueled by hate for this, now viral, Peloton bike ad. Personally, I don’t think it’s sexist, however, it is clueless, stupid, and unrealistic.

Which brings us to this absolute gem from Ryan Reynolds gin company, featuring the same wife from the Peloton ad. She’s in a safe space now from her exercising obsessed husband, getting absolutely lit with her girls. A typical breakup ritual. What a journey this has been.

This hardware company in the UK has released this absolute gem. Considering it only cost them $100 pounds to make it is very impressive and a whole lot of cute. My wrapping paper skills also match the four-year-olds.

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