Compendium: February 21

Old Spice, KFC and Drug-Free Kids Canada get our royal treatment of slight roasting.

Old spice is back, this time with an average looking white guys with above-average hair (sounds like my Tinder history). The copy is typical to Old Spice and it remains fantastic. However, nothing could beat the Tery Cruz saga.

KFC has a big job ahead if they think they can beat McDonald’s as the go-to for nuggets. Did this song slap? Sure. Did it make me want nuggets? Not really. 6/10.

Watch the video here.

The slight issue with this is that it promotes edibles as being a lit as night, which I don’t think was the intention. I would love to shred my mother’s wedding dress then piss on a tea light candle. Last time I did edibles I threw up in the shower and my friend called the EMT’s because she thought she was having a seizure (she wasn’t), now that’s something they should put in a warning advertisement.

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