Ads of the week: November 26

Let’s all scream in unison for Okana, Volkswagen and Long White Vodka.

Who is it for? Saatchi & Saatchi for Okana
Why we like it: Hypnotic, soothing, and slightly uncomfortable. A simple message with a strong meaning of more is less supported by satisfying visuals.

Who is it for? DDB for Volkswagen
Why we like it: The last Beetle was ceremoniously squished with DDB’s campaign to help Volkswagen say goodbye to their iconic car. The cutout visuals were a clever way to show how much of an impact the Beetles had </3 R.I.P

Who is it for? TBWA for Long White Vodka
Why we like it: There is a lot to unpack here, the ad, although a clear effort has gone into its production is excruciatingly generic. The song is catchy enough, ‘Run Wild’ is definitely a slogan on a Typo canvas bag, but it’s an easy little galavant into an adventure in perfect timing for summer.

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