Ads of the week: May 19

Safety, scenery and shoes, this week’s group of ad’s are full of Kiwi creativity and a sense of community.

Who is it for: NZ Mountain Safety Council for Outdoor Safety

Why we like it: Simple yet effective, this ad reminds us that taking two seconds to ensure our surroundings are safe can save someone’s life. The campaign was run with a small team on a $25k budget, shot by Flying Saucer. The imagery is beautiful yet holds a very important message.

Who is it for: Waiheke Island Tourism Forum for Waiheke Island

Why we like it: Waiheke Island is one of New Zealand’s most popular destinations and for good reason. The scenery, wildlife and beaches are incredible and this campaign reminds Kiwis why they should visit the island once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Who is it for: YoungShand for Oceania Healthcare

Why we like it: Appreciating the work those on the frontline have endured, Oceania has decided to gift Allbirds sneakers to each of their aged care nurses. Marking International Nurses day, this campaign has warmed our hearts.

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