Ads of the week: June 9

This week’s ads are dedicated to life after Covid-19, now that our country is back on track. Well done New Zealand.

Who is it for: FCB for WorkSafe

Why we like it: As many of us return to work it is important we look out for our health and safety. FCB’s campaign highlights a serious message, executed with quirky visuals and light humour, ideal for the targeted audience.

Who is it for: Rainger & Rolfe for Otago Univeristy

Why we like it: Although the ad is promoting Otago University and its professors, we like that it’s a subtle promotion and the majority of the ad revolves around New Zealand and the work we have done to eliminate Covid-19. The music, tone and message used in this campaign are very effective.

Who is it for: Sugar & Partners for Love Taupo

Why we like it: Although I have already been to Taupo several times, this campaign has made me desperately want to go again. Each clip of scenery is picturesque and the soothing voice-over could convince anyone. A great ad for attracting tourists and getting Taupo back on its feet.

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