Ads of the week: June 16

Ruapehu, Subaru’s and um .. porn? This weekly round up of ad’s is an unusual mix, however includes exceptional creativity and execution.

Who is it for: Motion Sickness for the Department of Internal Affairs

Why we like it: Motion Sickness have gone above and beyond with their campaign directed to online safety. With four humours, yet eye opening videos, the campaign truly reflects the harm that children are exposed to online, like bullying, porn, grooming and inappropriate content. Their video that focuses on the easy access of porn has already gained more than one million views on YouTube, and rightly so.

Who is it for: Run for Mount Ruapheu

Why we like it: Although the majority of us are sick and tired of even hearing the word ‘Zoom’, Run has somehow managed to make the video chat service cool. Featuring four separate video chats of people visiting Ruapehu, the campaign is dedicated to reconnecting local with the stunning region. A unique and well-presented ad.

Who is it for: BC&F Dentsu for Subaru

Why we like it: Subaru’s are a Kiwi go-to when it comes to traveling around the country and facing tough terrain. With the launch of the Subaru e-Boxer Hybrid, which reduces emissions by up to 19 percent, BC&F Dentsu used their creativity to produce a visually appealing campaign, that showcases the car’s driving capability.

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