Ads of the week: January 28

Big ups this week to ANZ, ASB and Trade Me.

Who is it for: TBWA for ANZ
Why we like it: Kiwis love sportsmanship, what we love even better is being credited for being good sportsmen. ANZ hits the nail on the head with their Good Sport campaign, showing we’re tough as guts, but willing to lend a helping hand.

Who is it for: Colenso BBDO for Trade Me
Why we like it: Trade Me ads nail New Zealand humour so well. The quick response and aloof attitudes shine well through the new campaign. I personally also fail to understand modern art.

Who is it for: Eli Schmidt for ASB
Why we like it: We have a lot of love for this sponsorship interview run by a very junior reporter, Eli Schmidt. The young journalist takes the reigns, looking like the air of casualness as he interviews tennis superstars.

Watch the interview here.

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